"Atomic and Molecular Collision Data for Plasma Modelling"

Organizers: N. Mason and Z. Lj. Petrović

The workshop will be organized on the 14th of July dealing with electron, atom, molecule, ion collisions in gas phase and surfaces and how those data may be interpreted and used by plasma models.

The atomic and molecular collision data are not only of fundamental importance but are also essential to the detailed understanding of a broad range of physical systems from the large-scale plasmas like planetary atmospheres and astrophysical plasmas, through the most important plasma applications such as gas discharge lasers, semiconductor processing plasmas, and fusion plasmas to the emerging fields of micro plasmas, plasmas in nanotechnologies and biomedical plasma applications. Lectures presented at "Atomic and Molecular Collision Data for Plasma Modelling" may cover a wider range of topics focusing on data sources, their quality and needs for future, for gas phase collisions and surface interactions.

1. NIGEL MASON, Open University, UK
    Atomic and Molecular Collision Data for Plasma Modelling
2. TOSHIAKI MAKABE, Keio University, Japan
    Database need for semiconductor plasma-processing
3. ANNEMIE BOGAERTS, University of Antwerp, Belgium
    Dielectric barrier discharges used for the conversion of greenhouse gases: modeling the      plasma chemistry by fluid simulations
4. JAIME DE URQUIJO, Instituto de Ciencias Físicas, Mexico
    The role of swarm studies in normalizing (deriving?) cross section data for plasma     processing
5. KLAUS BARTSCHAT, Drake University, USA
    Benchmark calculations of atomic data for plasma and lighting applications
6. PREDRAG KRSTIĆ, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
    Processes at interfaces of plasma and molecules

The session is organized jointly between ESCAMPIG and VAMDC project.